Industrial Flow Testing

Industrial Flow Testing

Sophisticated industrial flow testing solutions

Kanomax has developed unique airflow measurement instruments for industrial flow testing. This technology is derived from our years of accumulated fluid mechanics research such as: multi-point air velocity measurement systems, and precision airflow measurement in high-temperature environments. These innovative tools are perfect for the sophisticated measurement needs of the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, steel, and construction industries.

In recent years, smart grids, building automation and other energy-saving applications have dramatically increased the development of new energy sources such as wind power, solar power and alternative-energy fuel cells. As a proven provider of precision measurement solutions for industrial applications, Kanomax is ready to contribute its expertise and tools to this growing sustainable energy market.

The most accurate (2%) hot-wire anemometer
Economical industrial airflow monitoring solution
Simple to use 4 channel air velocity meter for industrial application
Up to 64 channel multi-points air velocity measurements
High temperature anemometer for industrial airflow testing
Data-logging function with storage...

Product Spotlight: Multi-channel Anemometers

Multi-channel Anemometers are a flexible tool for gathering large amount of data

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