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Fluostar fluorescent particles

FLUOSTAR microspheres are polymer fluorescent particles encapsulating the fluorescent dye, Rhodamine B, which emits the orange-colored fluorescence when illuminated by a green-colored laser (e.g. Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF).

FLUOSTAR feature the outstanding emission efficiency of fluorescence, which are best suited for PIV applications. The strong orange-colored fluorescence may be even observed by sight using a 5 mW laser pointer.

They feature: moderate size dispersity, uniform spherical shape, no swelling or shrinking, minimal photobleaching, and minimal dye leaking.

They can be used for: single-phase liquid flows, multi-phase flows, industrial large-scale flows, near-wall flows, and stereo PIV.

  • Moderate size dispersity
  • Uniform spherical shape
  • No swelling or shrinking
  • Minimal photobleaching
  • Minimal dye leaking

*Annual NIST TRACEABLE CALIBRATIONS are performed at our facility in Andover, NJ.

  • Single-phase liquid flows
  • Multi-phase flows
  • Industrial large-scale flows
  • Near-wall flows
  • Stereo PIV
Substrate Material Carboxy-modified acrylate resin
Refractive Index 1.560 (polymer)
Temperature Resistant up to 100 Celsius (polymer)
Fluorescence dye Rhodamine B (Excitation 550 nm / Emission 580 nm)
Density 1.1 g/cm3
Diameter 15 um (Uniform spherical shape)
Size Uniformity Less than 20% C.V.
Particle Life 2 year
Storage Store at room temperature in a dry area. Bottle should be tightly sealed.
Handling Glove and respiratory protection are recommended/td>
Sizes 1, 5, 10, and 50g

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