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Cabin leakage tester for efficient automobile manufacturing

The Kanomax Cabin Leakage Tester pressurizes or depressurizes the automobile vehicle cabin to measure the changes in cabin pressure. The control unit consists of a manometer and pressure transducers. The manometer detects the leakage flow, which is calculated by measuring the nozzle pressure relative to static pressure. The tester controls an adjustable fan to maintain static test pressure.

  • Applicable for non-conductive fluid.
  • Signal processor is available for option.
  • Includes LDV probe with cable, Smart LDV driver, BNC-BNC cable, Interlock connector, probe support block, retro reflect unit, RS232C cable, power vable, and probe case.
  • Non-contact velocity measurements.
  • Wind tunnel studies.
  • Measurements in combustion, combustor.
Airflow Ranges 100 to 500 m3/hour
Maximum Static Pressure 300 Pa
Nozzle Diameter 41 or 69 mm
Power Supply AC100V, 20A, Single phase
Standards JIS D1622
JIS B 8330

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